Allergy Desensitization Therapy

Over the years, Dr. Hardy has strived to learn the best in helping his patients improve as quickly as possible. For this reason, Dr. Hardy has been trained in several different systems for Allergy Desensitization / Elimination Therapy.


The first system he studied was called NAET:
(Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) 

The second system he studied was BioSet:
(Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy)

The third system he studied was JMT:
(Jaffe - Mellor Technique)

The fourth system he studied was NMT:
(Neuromodulation Technique - The Feinberg Method)

The fifth system he studied was A/SERT:
Allergy Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique

The sixth system he studied was SRT:
(Sensitivty Removal Technique)

Each of the above systems are similar, but also vastly different in the approach taken as to which allergies should be addressed to being treated first.

Also, some of the systems mentioned above do not recommend that you treat any allergens until the initial allergy treatments have been finished.

Dr. Hardy does not feel this is as important, if a patient is coming in specifically for allergies to pollens or animals.

Dr. Hardy will treat patients for allergies to pollens and animals without needing to undergo the other allergy treatments.

Dr. Hardy does recommend the additional allergy treatments will be very beneficial for the patient in the long run.

In Dr. Hardy's experience with treating certain patients for allergies,
he may recommend the following treatments prior to starting a course of allergy elimination treatments in order to reduce the number of allergies a patient may need to be treated for:

st george naet utah   Treatment for Leaky gut syndrome
st george naet utah   Treatment and Detoxification of the liver

If any of the above are found to be a problem, you will need several more allergy elimination treatments and the treatments may not hold for a long period of time without addressing some of these other problems.


The additional benefit that seeing Dr. Hardy, is that is combines the best of all the different systems he has studied, therefore giving you the best of the best.